Bubble Tea has taken London by storm and you can find a Bubble Tea shop almost everywhere! As someone who was unsure of what Bubble Tea was a few months ago and now buys it at every opportunity, I have found some of my favourite Bubble Tea places in London.

This guide will give you an insight as to where you can find some of the best Bubble Tea spots in London!

Quaker Street

Quaker Street café is the place that introduced us to Bubble Tea, so it’s only right to feature them in this guide. Located in the heart of Shoreditch the overall vibe of Quaker Street is amazing, the cafe is full of friendly creatives. They thrive off having locally sourced and authentic produce, which shows in the quality of their products. They offer a huge variety of flavours and popping such as Oat Taro Bubble Tea. So, if you are looking for good vibes, a cute cafe and an introduction to bubble tea, Quaker Street is the place to go! Find out more about Quaker Street here


Bubbleology opened its first store in London, Soho in 2011. With 14 stores across the UK we found Bubbleology the most popular brand of bubble tea as they are easily accessible, especially across London. I love that bubble tea has a loyalty card, it’s great for bubble tea obsessed people (me). Personally, Bubbleology is my closest and most convenient bubble tea shop which is why it’s my favourite and most of the bubble tea I get is from there! Highly recommend visiting your local Bubbleology, find your local shop here


Chatime stood out to me as it has the most unique flavours to try such as the Taro Milk Tea. If you’re looking for freshly cooked Tapioca then this is the place to go, although I am not a Tapioca fan they have the best I have tasted! They also have the most unique drink flavours such as Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea! Chatime has a lot of locations across the UK, you can find the list of locations here


I fell in love with Biju as it has the most relaxed, modern decor which I love. I found with a lot of bubble tea places, there’s not much space to sit down and relax which is why when I found Biju I was so happy! Unfortunately, they only have 3 stores in London, the Soho one is one I visited and loved. They have a wide variety of drinks that I hadn’t come across before in a Bubble Tea shop which was exciting, such as Salted Cream Teas and Coconut Water! You can find out more about Biju here

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