Popcorn Shed is a home grown British popcorn brand, a family run business which is handmade in the UK since 2016.

Disclaimer- This is a gifted post, all opinions are my own.

The Flavours

Say Cheese – 3/5 a strong cheese taste not very popcorny (soft) for us, it’s a weird flavour as it is not a flavour you normally have. Personally, I think you’ll have to be a real cheese lover to enjoy these. Nonetheless, it was interesting to try!

Salted Caramel – 5/5 delicious! A Crispy popcorn coated in caramel if I could only pick one to eat, it would be the Caramel Popcorn flavour!

Pecan Pie – 4/5 pleasantly surprised by this flavour, I’m not a huge fan of nuts so was worried about the flavour. There’s a caramel flavour to begin with then the flavour of the pecans come through. There’s actually pecan nuts inside the popcorn, which is a lovely surprise!

Berry-licious 2/5 – Not a huge fan of this flavour. In my opinion it tasted like sour berries, but if you love sour berries, then this one may be for you!

Butterly Nut 3/5 – This had a strange taste,I thought it was going to taste more like peanuts which it didn’t. I thought it tasted similar to pecan pie which was disappointing.

Pop n Choc 3/5 – This flavour was okay, not my favourite flavour, but definitely not bad! Tasted not overly chocolatey which was good. If you like chocolate I would give this one a try!

Sweet Cheesus 3/5- Not a huge fan of this one, tasted cheesy with a hint of sweetness.

Overall, I loved trying out this popcorn, it was such a treat to eat popcorn that isn’t the regular sweet and salted! This popcorn would work perfectly as a gift as it’s a gourmet range of popcorn, a lovely treat for anyone to receive! (I know I would love to receive popcorn). If you are interested in finding more out about Popcorn Shed and where you can purchased some popcorn goodness, head over to their website https://popcornshed.com

Thank you to Popcorn Shed for gifting us the popcorn

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