Gokyuzu a family run business offering authentic Turkish food, from succulent kebabs, a huge array of meat dishes, freshly caught seafood and a wide selection of Turkish pizzas and authentic appetisers, they have it all! Gokyuzu is probably one of our top restaurants in London that we love going to.

Cuisine- Turkish
Dress Code- Casual
Price- £££
Food- ★★★★☆
Value for Money- ★★★★☆
Overall- ★★★★☆

The Food

Gokyuzu offers complimentary warm Turkish bread with fresh salad as a starter, which we really enjoy, the Turkish bread is delightful especially when dipped in the Tzatziki.

Even though we have visited Gokyuzu more times than we can count we always get the sharing platter, it’s such good value and you get to try everything. It’s called the Full Platter and has rice & bulgur Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Adana Kebab, Lamb Ribs, Chicken Döner, Lamb Döner, and Chicken Wings. As a big lover of Turkish food this is perfect as you get to taste everything, it is all cooked to perfection and you can tell the meat is quality as it is succulent and not dry, if I could eat it every day, I would! Even though all the meats are on one platter you can still taste all the varieties of different flavours. The full platter is A LOT of food and if there is only two of us, we can’t finish it all, but they will package it up for you to take home! Highly recommend the platter if there is 3+ in a group.

We have never tried any desserts due to being so full, but we usually finish with some Turkish Tea which is complimentary. It’s nice and refreshing to have after a meal and tastes like a mix of green tea and English tea.

Value for money used to be amazing for the full platter and drinks we used to spend no more than £50 however, Gokyuzu have recently put up their prices and the full platter is now £46.50 which is still reasonable for the quality and amount of food you get.

The Atmosphere

The restaurant has a clean, modern feel to it and has hints of decor that allow you to get the turkish feel which is great. Gokyuzu has a lot of large group meals which makes the atmosphere very lively, if you visit during the week it is quieter than the weekends. Although the restaurant can get busy, the tables are situated so you never feel crowded in, which is one thing I cannot stand in a restaurant when the tables are seated so close to one and other! The service is always good, we have never had any issues.


Gokyuzu without a doubt is our favourite Turkish restaurant in London. What I personally love about Gokyuzu is that no matter how busy the restaurant is, the staff always deliver good customer service and the standard of food never changes. Throughout London there are many Turkish restaurants, but Gokyuzu will always be our favourite! If you want to try Turkish food or love Turkish food, then Gokyuzu is the place to go, we highly recommend it.

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