When you enter Leila the decor and theme is Moroccan inspired which I loved, I adored the seating area, the bright colours really bought the restaurant to life. We didn’t sit in the main restaurant as there was a party going on, so we sat in the part at the front of the restaurant. The decor was simple and lovely, the restaurant had a great Moroccan vibe.

Cuisine- Moroccan & Lebanese
Dress Code- Casual
Price- ££
Food- ★★★★☆
Value for Money- ★★★★☆
Overall- ★★★★☆

The Food

We started our meal with the Fattoush Salad it had mixed salad, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, pomegranates and toasted Lebanese bread, finished with a delicious salad dressing, it was different from any salad I have ever had before, but it was amazing. We also had the Halloumi Grilled being a cheese lover, I love Halloumi, but this was the best I have ever had! It was seasoned with herbs and grilled just the right amount, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


For mains Ty ordered the Mixed Grill, it consisted of chicken and lamb and came with a side of chips, everything was cooked and seasoned beautifully. I ordered the Lamb Kastaletta which was lamb, rice and salad. The lamb was cooked perfectly, nice and tender but the portion sizes were so big! We both struggled to eat all the food because of the large portion size, but at least you get great value for money!

When the dessert menu was offered we were both way too full to eat anything else.  So I just got a hot chocolate to finish the meal, which was delicious it was so chocolatey! They also kindly bought us out some Baklava which is a rich, sweet dessert pastry it was a nice treat as we had never tried them before, again they were delicious.

The Atmosphere

We visited during lunch time, so the restaurant was pretty empty with just a birthday party going on but we felt the atmosphere was very relaxed, perfect for a quiet meal for two. We imagine that in the evenings and weekends it will be more lively as it will be busier.  The service was great and the waiters were very friendly, they helped us pick out the best meals to try, as it was our first time having Moroccan/Lebanese food.


Leila is honestly a great restaurant, the quality of food they provide is excellent. I have to admit that where we were sitting was a bit cold and it could do with some TLC, but inside the main restaurant looked lovely. In my opinion, I think if Leila makes the restaurant and little warmer and refreshes the paint work they will have a 5 star restaurant.

I highly recommend those who haven’t tried a Moroccan cuisine to head down to Leila because you won’t be disappointed. I will definitely be returning with my family in the near future!

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