NYeat is a vibrant restaurant, with incredible décor and trendy artwork throughout its hard not to feel the American buzz as you enter the restaurant.

Cuisine- American
Dress Code- Casual
Price- £££
Food- ★★★★☆
Value for Money – ★★★★★
Overall- ★★★★☆

We started our meal with cocktails, they serve maybe one of the best cocktails I have had, so flavorsome with just the perfect amount of alcohol and the presentation is immaculate, so much detail goes into the presentation. I had the Mai Tai which was amazing, it was served on the rocks which was stunning!

The Food

The menu was amazing, different varieties of food from chicken to burgers, steak and lobster, it was very hard to choose! I opted for the Steak and Lobster, the lobster was so flavorsome seasoned so perfectly and the steak was juicy and tender, the peppercorn sauce to accompany the steak was so creamy it went perfectly, honestly it was the most delightful meal I would highly recommend.

We also ordered the NYeat burger firstly, it was massive! Once again, it was delicious the beef was cooked perfectly so succulent and the bun was the perfect size which meant the burger didn’t fall apart! On the side, we tried the sweet potato fries, which were great, nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

After our main course we were so full (I don’t think we had ever been so full) but as it was a birthday celebration they kindly send out some apple crumble and ice cream and sung happy birthday, it was a lovely surprise.

The Atmosphere

We visited on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy which we liked, there was music playing in the background, which provided a lovely vibe throughout the restaurant. The staff were amazing, so attentive and chatty and made sure that it was the perfect meal for a birthday celebration.


We highly recommend you take a visit to NYeat if you don’t, you are most definitely missing out on good food and a great atmosphere! It’s been a while since we visited a restaurant where we left so full up and so happy with the service, it was a pleasure to dine there and we look forward to going back soon!

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