Shikumen is located inside Dosset Hotel in Shepherds Bush, it is a modern dim sum restaurant, which offers classic Chinese cuisine and cocktails.

The décor as you walk into Shikumen is stunning, we were greeted and offered a fortune cookie and took a seat before being taken through to our table (we did initially notice that the restaurant was very empty for a Saturday night).

Cuisine- Chinese
Dress Code- Casual
Price- £££
Food- ★☆☆☆☆
Value for Money- ★☆☆☆☆
Overall- ★★☆☆☆

The Food

We were so excited to eat some good Chinese food; it’s been a long time since we found a good local Chinese restaurant! We started with the Peking duck and Stir Fried Squid with Pepper, Chilli and Garlic, the presentation of the food was great. The Peking duck was honestly delicious, but we could only make about roughly 3 rolls each? For the price we were a little disappointed on the portion size. The garlic shrimp was not the best, there seemed to be too much batter and little to no shrimp and the food wasn’t even warm! We were a little disappointed, but still very excited for our main meal.

For mains we ordered Sweet and Sour Corn fed Chicken, Spicy Singapore Noodles with Seafood and Egg Fried Rice with Spring Onion. Where shall we start? Firstly, the sweet and sour chicken did not even taste like chicken, it was all batter and no chicken? Secondly, the egg fried rice was so bland, no flavour at all. On the plus side the Singapore noodles were great! All the dishes temperature wise were not even warm it was as if they had been sitting in the kitchen for ages? I don’t think we have ever experienced such bad food as this, we were very frustrated, we hardly ate anything!

We didn’t even bother trying any cocktails or deserts as we just wanted to get the bill and leave!

The Atmosphere

The restaurant itself has such lovely décor very Chinese inspired, but as the restaurant was empty (only ourselves and one other couple) there was not much of an atmosphere which was a shame. We also found that the waiters were very unfriendly, they served us a warm drink and when we mentioned it just gave us a bowl of ice? Very poor customer service.  It is such a shame as the restaurant has the potential to be great if they put more effort into customer service and the quality of the food they serve!


Based on our experience, we would not recommend Shikumen the tasteless, cold food is not worth the price that we paid! Before we visited Shikumen, we were hoping that it would be our regular go to Chinese restaurant as we are yet to find a great one that doesn’t just offer takeaways! Unfortunately, we will not be returning anytime soon, but we do hope they improve and take on feedback and one day we may just try them again.

Shikumen does have a branch located in Aldgate which we have not tried, this post is based on our experience at Shepherds Bush.

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