Sticks’n’Sushi originated from Denmark, you can see from the beautiful decor as you walk into the restaurant, it is Scandinavian with a Japanese twist! They have many restaurants across London such as Canary Wharf and Covent Garden but, we visited the Wimbledon restaurant.

The Food

Cuisine- Japanese
Dress Code- Casual
Price- ££££
Food- ★★★★☆
Value for Money- ★★★★☆
Overall- ★★★★☆

The Food

The food menu that they provide is one of the most informative menus I have ever come across, it includes so much detail and beautifully shot pictures so you know exactly what you are ordering. Ordering sushi can be daunting at times as you are not sure what exactly you are getting, but this menu made it a lot easier.

We ordered the ‘Firework’ platter and as you can see it included a lot of food but, wow, it was the best sushi I have had in a long time. For starters, we had warm edamame beans covered in spicy miso sauce, this was definitely a twist on normal edamame beans it gave them so much flavour. We also had Ebi Bites which is Tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime & coriander, they were so delicious, the shrimp was a good size and perfectly battered.

The mains then came and we had realised maybe we ordered a little too much for two people! But obviously we still ate it all. Tuna tartare with the lotus chips was a nice twist on sushi, something I had never tried before but it was great. I’m a Maki lover and the Pink Alaska is now officially my favourite, it includes salmon, avocado, cream cheese & lumpfish roe and wow, it was delightful. The nigiri salmon, tuna and seared hiramasa was delicious as well, something different that I wouldn’t usually order. The Carpaccio I didn’t really enjoy mainly because I wasn’t a fan of the trout roe but, that is down to personal preference.

We always like to add some meat when we order sushi as it gives us a variety of food to try, so we loved that this platter came with meat sticks. It included, chicken with chili & teriyaki, veal with miso herb butter and duck breast with panko & wasabi caesar, all of the meats were perfectly cooked, tender and juicy, they went down a treat.


We decided to order some dessert as when we saw the menu they had a great range, they do 3 for £10 so we ordered Crème brûlée, White chocolate mousse with raspberry and White chocolate with sweet miso & puffed rice. When they came we was a little underwhelmed, they were tiny! We had the intention of sharing, but we couldnt as they were so small, nonetheless the Crème brûlée was amazing but, I do not think they are worth it as they are so small and finished in one spoon-full.  

The Atmosphere

The restaurant had a very relaxing feel to it, we visited at lunch time so it was pretty empty. The service was good, the staff were very attentive and friendly we thought a nice touch was that they brought out hot cloths before our meal to wash our hands. The decor within the restaurant is beautiful, modern, minimal and elegant which most likely comes from the Danish background.  

We loved that there is a range of tables that will suit everyone, there is sofas you can relax on and have a cocktail on before your meal which is a lovely idea. However, the service charge was something like £18, I do not think the service we received was worth that amount of money, we were a little shocked when we saw the bill.


Overall, Sticks’n’Sushi is a great restaurant and the quality of the food is exceptional, I highly recommend you go there if you are a sushi lover. There is nothing not to like about Sticks’n’Sushi but, the only comment we would have to make is that it is pretty easy to rack up an expensive bill. We were a little shocked when we saw the bill, but for the amount of food we ordered it was pretty reasonable!

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