Saona Island, Dominican Republic, Things to do.
Visit Saona Island

Saona Island is located off the southern east coast of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by turquoise blue waters, white sand and palm trees, it looks like something you see off a postcard! It is part of the national park, which means it is protected so we were warned that you cannot take anything off the Island, even a seashell or you could be fined!

We booked our excursion through TUI UK and we had the most amazing day. We took a speed boat to the Island where we first stopped off to scuba dive and well, I have never seen so many beautiful fish, it was an experience I will never forget. We then went on to stop at the natural pool, which was amazing. The water is so calm, shallow and warm honestly, I could have stayed there all day! There was a floating bar so we enjoyed some rum and was luckily able to see some starfish, it was truly one of the best experiences.

Arriving at the Island it was so peaceful, we swam, sunbathed, and then had a delicious BBQ  lunch which included lobster, our favourite! You aren’t allowed to venture too far out into the island as it is protected, but we did walk up and down and found some great picturesque spots. At the end of the day we took a catamaran back, which was lovely being able to listen to music, play games and relax whilst sailing on the Caribbean sea.

It was certainly a great experience and a trip of a lifetime being able to visit this beautiful island and if ever you are visiting the Dominican Republic we highly recommend going!

Explore the Island on a Buggy/Quad

If you want to explore more of the island and see the culture we highly recommend booking a buggy/quad trip, we booked with Adventure Boogies and we had the best day. Firstly, we drove to Rancho Macao which is full of loads of activities that relate to the Dominican culture. We went into a cave and had a swim it was stunning, but also very cold! Then afterwards they gave us some Pineapple wine which I wish we could get back in the UK, it was the best wine I have ever tasted. We were able to see someone make cigars, and purchase some as well as trying the coffee and hot chocolate and watched a show that imitates a Dominican tribe.

We then drove some more, and whilst we were driving the village children try and give you flowers and gifts, it was so sad to see we couldn’t help but giving out a few $1! We then stopped at a local house to see how they live, the house was so dainty amongst beautiful greenery, the family who lived there were so loveable and friendly. They showed us around and we got to see the different plants that they grow and how they live on a day to day basis, it was definitely eye opening and made me realise how lucky we are back in the UK!

We then went onto Macao Beach which one of the only beaches that hasn’t been developed on, which makes it stand out from the other beaches on the island. With miles of beautiful, untouched sand and palm trees it was the perfect location to end our excursion.

If you want to explore, the Dominican Republic more on your trip we highly recommend booking a day out with Adventure Boogies. The tour guide at Adventure Boogies was amazing, so friendly and filled with such great knowledge, a great day we will never forget!

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