Travelling long haul can be daunting for some people so we decided to make a list of essentials that you could take with you to make the plane journey a lot more enjoyable!

Travel Pillow/ Eye mask

When flying for 9+ hours, comfort is key! It is likely that the airline will give you a blanket and a pillow, but the pillow isn’t honestly that great (the ones we have had) so you may want to bring your own. If you find it hard to sleep when there isn’t total darkness, then we recommend an eye mask as someone sitting near you may want to keep a reading light on whilst you want to sleep!

Socks/Comfy shoes

Planes in general can be quite cold, so we always find it handy wearing or carrying socks to put on, if you suffer from swelling of the feet you should get travel socks to help combat this. You’re going to want to walk around to stretch your legs and go to the toilet so we suggest having a shoe you can slip on and off easily, as we doubt you want to walk around in your socks!


Even though there will be in flight entertainment there may be a possibility that you don’t like what is showing (normally you can check out what’s showing prior to your flight). We suggest taking a good book, magazines or an iPad/tablet in which you can download your own films/tv shows onto. You could also bring a card game or download games on your device. You may end up sleeping most of the flight, but it is always good to be prepared.


As you are stuck on a plane for 9+ hours it is nice to have a few things that you can freshen yourself up with, obviously what you take will be down to your preference but here is a few ideas:

  • Hand sanitizer- planes carry a lot of germs so this for us this is a necessity.
  • Wipes/Tissues- in case you want to wipe the tray and handy for any spillages.
  • Mouthwash- if you’re on an overnight flight, you might want to use this to freshen up for landing.
  • Deodorant/Perfume- In case there is any bad smells..
  • Lip balm/cream- Planes can be very drying on the skin so it’s always nice to have these on you

Small Carry-on Suitcase

From all of the items listed above, it can be easier to pack them into a carry on case as I’m sure they won’t all fit in a handbag/rucksack! It can also be handy to pack a few essentials in a carry on case, I always pack swimwear, 1 or 2 outfits and underwear just in case something happens to my larger suitcase. If you use a packing cube it makes it organised so the suitcase won’t be bursting with clothing and nothing will spill out when you open it on the plane!

If you are looking for good, affordable suitcases I highly recommend checking out Latest Deals they have good offers on at all times on a range of travel items!


Although when you travel long haul you are normally served food on the plane, as I am not a lover of plane food and can’t guarantee that I will like it, I always try to pick up some snacks in duty free and take them on board with me!


If you are travelling long haul the chances are you going to a country that you will have to fill in immigration and customs forms, which will need to be ready for landing. These are handed out during the flight and if you don’t have a pen it can be a long wait if you want to borrow one, so having a pen of your own is a lot easier.

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